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1. The contract.

The booking made online, by post, email or over the phone, constitutes a contract between you and Monika Koch T/A ‘Wild Adventures under Suffolk‘s Skies‘.

You must be over 18 years of age to book. Making a booking means that you have accepted all the ‘Wild Adventures under Suffolk‘s Skies‘ terms and conditions of booking.

Our confirmation of your booking means that we agree to provide the programme you have chosen as described in our events listings.


2. The fees.

The balance of fees due for your booked programme must be received by us not less than six weeks before the date of commencement of the programme you have booked.

If the full balance due is not received on time we reserve the right to cancel your booking.


3. Last minute bookings.

Bookings made less than six weeks before the event must be paid immediately.


4. Cancellation by you.

If you cancel your booking after you have paid, a 10% handling charge will be deducted from your refund.

If you cancel your participation less than six weeks in advance of the booked event, we reserve the right to retain 50% of your payment.

We reserve the right to retain your full payment in case you cancel less then one week before the event or if you miss the boat or bus in case the programme includes a collective trip to the venue.

Our policy is to do everything we can to minimize these costs.

We will always try to find another participant for your place, accept a replacement arranged by you and offer you alternative dates.


5. Travel insurance.

We strongly recommend that you take out comprehensive travel insurance to cover you in the event of cancellation by any parties, illness, accident or injury. Costs incurred through your failure to do so cannot be borne by ‘Wild Adventures under Suffolk‘s Skies‘.


6. Cancellation by us.

We reserve the right to cancel programmes up to two days in advance because of adverse weather conditions or if they do not attract the stated minimum number of participants.

If we have to cancel an event or parts of the programme, we shall take all reasonable steps to inform you as soon as possible and refund to you all the fees you have paid to us for that programme.

The refund of these monies obviates all liability on our part.


7. Alterations to the programme.

The nature of our work is such that occasionally we have to make alterations to published programmes.

Sub-contractors or tutors may have to change because of illness or other unforeseeable events. ‘Wild Adventures under Suffolk‘s Skies‘ reserves the right to make such changes or to alter the leadership as necessary. We shall always do everything we can to ensure that such changes do not materially affect the quality of the programme.

8. Health & Fitness.

The nature of our work and the places we go to require that participants are in reasonable health and, for example, are able to walk up to a few kilometers off paths, on uneven, muddy, sandy or wet ground, shingle or board walks, to climb in and out of a boat, walk in darkness or carry their own equipment by foot for longer distances.

If you are in any doubt about your abilities please ask us at the time of booking.

We reserve the right to decline any booking that we feel may compromise the operation of a programme.

It is a condition of booking that participants accept this responsibility to inform us.

In the event that a participant does not inform us of a condition or disability that materially affects the operation of the booked programme, we reserve the right to cancel that booking and impose any appropriate cancellation charges.

Please note that some of our programmes take place in remote areas and emergency access may be via helicopter or boat only.


9. The ‘Wild Adventures under Suffolk‘s Skies‘ Code.

For the purposes of safety, environmental protection and nature conservation, all our events and activities are operated under the ’Wild Adventures under Suffolk‘s Skies‘ Code of Conduct.

This requires that the event organiser, the guides or group leaders have the right to take all operational decisions in the field.

We do not allow the use of camera flash equipment for taking images of animals and the use of bird song or sound applications to lure wildlife closer.

If our event takes place in a nature reserve or on private ground, you will have to keep on the paths and areas the owner allows access to.


10. Liability.

Monika Koch T/A ‘Wild Adventures under Suffolk‘s Skies‘ or any sub-contractors will accept no liability for any losses or additional or unexpected expenses incurred as a result of scheduled transport issues, personal injury, sickness, weather, industrial action, war, natural disasters, act of God, or any other event entirely beyond our control.


11. The law.

These terms and conditions do not affect your rights in law. The booking contract is governed by English Law and is subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts.


12. Photographs and Filming.

We reserve the right to take photographs and produce film materials during our events, and to use the resulting images and films for our own promotional purposes.

By booking with us, you agree to allow images or films that show you to be used in this way; participants who object to this must inform us before the event commences.


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