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We very much look forward to guiding you to beautiful, remote and often wild places

Havergate Hare

Wildlife is at the heart of what we do and its welfare is paramount to us. The one above stands for them all and deserves the first spot as our Havergate events would not be complete without the island's resident wild brown hares. They enjoy the relaxed and peaceful island life all year round and have become the favourites of most of our visitors. Their fame grew in 2013 when Visit England added the island to their list of "101 Things to do in England before you go abroad" with the hare above representing Suffolk's only island. You will see them chilling out in a shady place in summer, running on the path or jumping over the creeks in the saltmarsh in autumn, hiding from the coastal winds under a gorse bush in winter and chasing each other and perhaps even boxing in spring.

Monika Koch

... Is the adventurous, bilingual and creative driving force and multi-tasking owner behind 'Wild Adventures under Suffolk's Skies'.

You will meet her on most of the events, where she tells fascinating stories of hidden history and shares her endless passion for the natural and built heritage on the Suffolk coast and beyond.

She organises everything necessary for a successful event: from finding the best guides to designing the interpretation handouts, from hiring a stylish fire grill or booking full catering, from setting up camp beds in hides and pop-up-toilets in remote places; and on the day she will also prepare litres of hot tea, brew fresh filtered coffee or cook hearty soup to keep everyone happy.

Find out more about her design work and conservation career on:

Marc Ernesti

... Literally brings a different note to the range of cultural aspects covered within our 'Wild Adventure Walks'.

He is a musician by training and lives on the Suffolk coast by choice. Formerly in senior management at the Aldeburgh Festival, he is now a professor at the Royal Academy of Music.

“Whether journalists, music students, or any music enthusiast really - to introduce someone to this exciting cultural heritage brings you back to the moments when you discovered things for yourself. I simply love taking others around while talking about my favourite subjects!"

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Kevin Sawford

... Had a passion for the natural world as long as he can remember. He was given his first camera when he was ten years old and hasn't stopped taking photos since. In 2013, Kevin met Monika, while she developed the first series of Photography Days on Havergate Island for the RSPB.

The Wild Adventures under Suffolk's Skies wildlife photography events evolved out of their cooperation and friendship and he still jumps at every new chance to be part of one of her adventures. Kevin's endless enthusiasm and enormous photography knowledge, and his ease to connect with people of all abilities and ages have made him a popular leader on her events. His endurance and field craft were rewarded in the British Wildlife Photography Awards (BWPA) in 2015, when he won the seasons' category with four roe deer images.

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Jon Evans

... Always has a camera at hand as you never know if some undiscovered insect might land on your other arm.

Birds and brown hares are amongst Jon's biggest passions and he loves spending time on Havergate Island as it is the perfect place to observe both of these in the wild.

You can find him usually behind his camera with its impressively big lens, capturing the natural beauty of the wilderness around him, when he is not explaining manual camera settings, the 'Wildlife Photographers Code of Conduct' or helping us on our Wild Summer Camp Nights on Havergate Island.

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Suzanne Bartlett

... Is a keen walker and cyclist and loves to explore the footpaths and lanes in the locality; born and bred in Framlingham, she has lived in Suffolk for most of her life.

During her varied career she has worked as a cook, model, librarian, shop-keeper and researcher and is now focussing on writing non-fiction after completing a Masters degree in Biography in 2014.

Her current writing projects range from the role of women in religion, particularly within the nonconformist traditions in East Anglia to women travellers on the hippy trail to India and Kathmandu in the 1970s.

We are very glad that she joins our team as a walk leader and look forward to hearing more of her lively stories about Suffolk's illustrious, strange or curious men and women.

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Jeremy Hennell James

... Is a passionate landscape photographer, often working with a reduced palette of colour or in black & white only, bringing simplicity and tranquillity to dramatic coastal locations right on our doorstep. He guides on the Havergate Island events since 2013 and has fallen in deep love with the peaceful island as so many others before and after him.

Jeremy is a very patient, sensible and highly skilled tutor and offers general photography advice for all kinds of equipment, and also guidance on photographing the ever changing coastal landscape and the wild Suffolk skies.

Jeremy and Monika developed in 2015 the Tidal Travel Log - Photography Walks series which they will continue with at more  locations along the Suffolk coast.

Find Jeremy's stunning images on:

Dave Thurlow

... Has worked for the RSPB since 1995 - most of these years spent by the Suffolk coast. As well as a passion for birds, he has had a life long interest in WWI, particularly the Western Front. After discovering just how much  remains from WWII in Suffolk, he has  become fascinated by all aspects of WWII military activity on the Suffolk coast and beyond. His spare time is divided between researching at The National Archives at Kew, recording for his website what remains of our WWII Heritage in Suffolk, and birdwatching of course - if he is not out and about on a Wild Adventure Walk to help others explore overgrown trenches and derelict pillboxes.

Celia Bartlett

... Is an all-round creative spirit with her own informal documentary style of photography and blogging.

She started as the macro photography tutor in Monika's events team in 2013, successfully converted fearful owners of small compact cameras into investigative and talented photographers and has since moved on to cover every tuition challenge that comes along, no matter if it is about landscape, macro or wildlife photography.

She always looks forward to her days with us on the east coast as she spends a lot of time photographing and tutoring under slightly rougher conditions on the Irish west coast. Find her comprehensive portfolio and her blog on:

David Fairhurst

... Has one very deep rooted passion in life which is easy to describe: BIRDS.

He is an excellent all-round naturalist and one of Suffolk's best birders. He is well known for his encyclopedic (bird) knowledge and his humorous wildlife interpretations are deeply enlightening, very infectious and real fun to listen to and learn from.

David works as a Warden for the RSPB  South Suffolk coast reserves and frequently travels all over the world for Limosa Holidays as a Tour Guide.

We are thoroughly delighted that he finds time to guide a few walks for us as well and guess what they will be about: BIRDS.