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December 2015

Replies to our Christmas Email Newsletter

December 2015

Photography Day on RSPB Havergate Island

November 2015

Tidal Travel Log - at Thorpeness

November 2015

Photography Day on RSPB Havergate Island

October 2015

Tidal Travel Log - at Bawdsey Quay

October 2015

Photography Day on RSPB Havergate Island

September 2015

Photography Day on RSPB Havergate Island

August 2015

Photography Day on RSPB Havergate Island

August 2015

Big Wild Sleep Out  on RSPB Havergate Island

July 2015

Nightjars over the Heath

July 2015

Photography Day on RSPB Havergate Island

June 2015

Nightjars over the Heath

May 2015

Fantasy Village and WWII Trenches

May 2015

Curlew River – In Britten's Footsteps

May 2015

A Scottish Visionary and his Fairytale Village

May 2015

Nightjars over the Heath

March 2015

Photography Day on RSPB Havergate Island

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"Many thanks for your lovely Christmas email. Fraser and I were very pleased to receive it (and Fraser was delighted to feature in one of the photos it included, "free to run on Havergate Island"!). I would like to put Fraser and my name down for the Big Wild Sleep Out next year. Our trip there this year was one of the highlights of 2015, we have talked about it a lot since we came home, and we wouldn't miss the chance to do it again in 2016. Look forward to seeing you in August! Thanks and regards," - Neil D. from London.

"Thanks for the great events this year. Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year - please pass my regards on to Kevin and Jeremy also. With best wishes," - Jackie K. from Suffolk.

"Merry Christmas!! Thanks for a brilliant 2015. Love," - Chris M. from London.

"I  have been to Havergate a couple of times this year - would thoroughly recommend it as the best wildlife photography opportunity I have had!" - Tony S. from Essex.

"It was wonderful to see the Hares. I did enjoy the day and the company very much and am already looking forward to the next event. The tuition tips and support were excellent as was the soup and bread. I will send some photos in the new year." - David F. from Suffolk.

"I really enjoyed the day on Havergate. Picked up some great tips from Kevin and Jeremy. I will definitely do it again in the Spring." - Fred W. from Suffolk.

"Just to say thanks for an excellent afternoon. Overall I enjoyed the Thorpeness day despite the rain." - Gareth J. from Norfolk.

"Many thanks for an interesting afternoon, despite the weather! I enjoyed hearing more about Thorpeness, and it was useful to pick up photographic tips and assess opportunities, as well as meeting others in the group." - Cathy S. from Suffolk.

"Had another great day. Good organisation, great people and a nice relaxed day. Many thanks," - Julia G. from Hertfordshire.

"Just a short note to say thank you for arranging such a great event. I really enjoyed it, despite the rain at the end, and despite getting pretty wet on the boat! The things that stood out for me were the effort you had put into the organization, having Jeremy and Kevin there to help us with the photography where we needed it, and the provision chocolate, hot coffee and warm soup on demand. That was icing on the cake (so to speak). The hares were much more plentiful than I had supposed, beautiful, and so unafraid of humans that photographing them was easy. The birds on the other hand were more of a challenge, and the poor late made this even more so. The island landscape was rather bleak at this time of the year, but I am sure a little sun might have transformed it (not within your powers I know). Thanks again for organizing such a great day!" - Ken M. from London.

"Thanks for a great day Monika, Jeremy and Kevin... www.facebook.com/danielrousephotography/photos/?tab=album&album_id=188274641515270" - Dan Rouse from London.

"Thanks to you all for really good day last Saturday." - Mike W. from Norfolk.

"Thanks again for everything on Havergate island. One of my hare images ended up on my website .... if you are curious: www.sabinemaerky.com/gallery/birds-and-wildlife/?image=712 Good luck with the upcoming days on Havergate island. Definitely a place to go back to for me." - Sabine Maerky from London.

 "I really enjoyed the afternoon at Bawdsey." - Ann S. from Suffolk

"Just to say thank you very much for the Tidal Travel Log in Bawdsey. I enjoyed the afternoon and was glad to be able to come. In particular, I welcomed the opportunity to learn more about taking pictures involving long exposures. I was very pleased with my abstract results and the experience of the afternoon has inspired new subjects and approaches for me. The lunch time food was also very good and a nice way to start the afternoon. Looking forward to more photography." - Jackie K. from Suffolk.

"My apologies for not replying sooner but with my current work load and putting into practice all that was learnt on the day, where does the time go. I would also like to express my thanks to your team and my follow learners on an excellent afternoon, what more could you ask for beautiful location, first-rate food and outstanding tutorage topped with a gathering of like minded enthusiastic and sociable people. I thank you again for an excellent day and I look forward to the next." - Dave N. from Norfolk.

"Thank you for another great day. I have put a few photographs on Facebook. Best wishes and thanks again to Jeremy and yourself," - Richard C. from Suffolk.

"Hello Monika, I enjoyed the afternoon out with you and Jeremy despite the rain at the end. The soup and scones and the history were an excellent introduction to the afternoon. Every time I go out with professional photographers I learn something new and try my best to remember it and apply it to taking my own pictures. I have attached some pictures trying to show change. I look forward to seeing pictures from other people as they come in." - Gillian H. from Suffolk.

"I really enjoyed our time at Bawdsey – it was just a shame we had such lousy weather on the day. Please keep in touch as I would like to go again in the spring... Attached are a couple of images I managed to extract from our afternoon." - Tim S. from Suffolk.

"First of all, thank you very much for another enjoyable day at Havergate last Saturday." - Jackie K. from Suffolk.

"That was a great day yesterday despite the not so good weather. I am very happy with the Hare images but still need more advice on the birds especially in those light conditions. Havergate is a very special place so thank you for all your input into the day and to Kevin and Jeremy for their very helpful advice and discussions. Many thanks to you all for an instructive, fun and friendly day. Well with getting up in the dark for." - Nuala S. from Suffolk.

"Hi Monika, Just to say how much I enjoyed the Havergate Island day out. Absolutely Superb. I was impressed with the help I received from Kevin (wildlife) and Jeremy with his Landscape tips, which I hope will improve my photography. Also Yourself, for the way you organised the whole day. I will certainly be keeping up to date on your website and Facebook page, to choose future trips." - Eddie W. from Suffolk.

"Thank you for organising what was a wonderful day. Here is a link to some of the better of my photographs from Saturday: www.flickr.com/photos/16651953@N05/sets/72157658769681916. Best wishes and thanks again." - Richard Court from Suffolk.

"Hi Monika, Thank you for a lovely day last Saturday - good to see both you and Kevin once again." - Kevin B. from Sheffield.

"Thanks for a great day. I have put a few photos of the hares on www.twitter.com/vivconnett  and they are proving very popular." - Viv Connett from Essex.

"Hi Monika, thanks to you, Kevin and Jeremy for a wonderful and exhausting day on Saturday. Thanks again for a brilliant day." - Robert F. from Essex.

"Thank you Monika for organising a brilliant day. We were extremely well looked after from start to finish and everything ran smoothly. We would have no hesitation in coming on another day organised by Monika. The photographers Jeremy and Kevin had no trouble giving guidance and advice to their pupils no matter what level of skill they possessed, and were very encouraging. We both picked up many new techniques for better photography and processing that will help us take better photos in the future. Many thanks" - Carol W. from Gloucestershire.

"Many thanks for a wonderfully wild day out." - Colin H. from Suffolk.

"What a fabulous day on Sunday with Wild Adventures under Suffolk's Skies - Photography Day. Thanks Monika, Jeremy and Kevin for the top tips on how to capture the beauty of the island on camera and all round stunning experience!" - on www.facebook.com/TheSuffolkCoast by Annie W. from Suffolk.

"Just to say again, thank you for hosting a wonderful wildlife experience last week. Havergate is a very special place with lots of opportunity for relaxation (wildlife included!!), to meet people with the same passion for nature and to be able to capture the magic on camera. I look forward to repeating the experience in the not to distant future and my husband and I would be interested in attending the 'Big Wild Sleep Out' in 2016." - Amanda F. from Suffolk.

"Thank you once again for the superb day of Photography on Havergate Island last Saturday. What a lovely sunny day! It was my first photographic Nature Reserve workshop and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We appreciated all your catering especially the soup and bread which went down a treat. Kevin and Jeremy were so passionate about their photography with lots of advice and suggestions to offer, what patience they both have. I learnt so much in one day and it inspired me to go out and do more. I was pleased with my photos – few I will send in due course. Thank you again for a brilliant day..." - Susan L. from Surrey.

"Thank you so much for organising such a wonderful day on Saturday and all your hard work keeping us fed and watered." - Janice U. from Suffolk.

"My first photography experience was a huge success. I took some of my best ever pictures and at one point got within 50cm of a hare! I learnt a lot on the trip (including to always bring a spare SD card)." - Oliver P., 13 years, from Suffolk.

"Thank you again for a wonderful day on Havergate. It was our first photography workshop and we were thrilled with how welcoming, friendly, positive and helpful everyone was. As just a day out the trip would have been a special treat, but on top of the scenery, the peace and quiet and the wildlife both my son and I also learned lots in one day about how to compose a picture, how to make best use of our equipment and much more. The on tap hot drinks and warming soup were also very welcome. We certainly hope to book another event next year." -  Linda P. from Suffolk.

"Firstly thank you all for a really enjoyable day at Havergate. Not only good weather but great company and great coffee. Still processing photographs so will send some over in next couple of days. Thanks," - Mike W. from Norfolk.

"Thank you very much for the recent photography workshop on Havergate Island, my second this year. It was great to come at a different time of year, to see the island’s scenery and wildlife in another season. I am delighted with my photographic results from the workshop and thanks must also go to Kevin and Jeremy, as tutors. Your workshops are really helping me to progress with my photography and also provide the all important element of time. Spending all day on the island gives the time and space to really work with a subject, whilst enjoying a special and remote part of the Suffolk coast. Hopefully, I will be able to join you on further workshops to do it all again!" - Jackie K. from Suffolk.

"Hi Monika and team, I would like to thank you for an excellent weekend on Havergate Island, myself and Alfie had a fantastic time. It was a truly delightful, enlightening experience and a privilege to spend some time so close to nature. Alfie is 4 years old and he has come away with an understanding and appreciation of the natural world and conservation, as have I. It was also brilliant to witness the commitment and dedication that yourself and the team have towards the preservation of this piece of habitat and it’s occupants. We really hope it will be possible for us to join you again next year. Cheers and all the best." - Chris M. from Essex.

"We had such a lovely time and we were so lucky to have such a good bunch of people, visitors and staff, with well behaved and enthusiastic children. We will certainly have it in the calendar for next year." - Paul & Gillian H. from Suffolk.

"William and I really enjoyed our trip to Havergate for the sleep over! What cheered me was to see the enthusiasm and enjoyment of the youngsters in the wild life! Especially the hares of course! Well done! Keep in touch we will come again." - Mike B. & William from Wiltshire.

"Absolutely brilliant time from start to finish - HOW lucky were we with the weather which of course also made for much better wildlife viewing. Laying face down at 11 at night in an ants nest, watching four really young leverets playing, washing & eating will stay with me for a very long time! Your organisation was superb, every detail was considered & made for such a relaxing time. What we liked was the freedom to do as we pleased & the lack of pressure on time. Particularly given the special nature of this BWSO the longer time made it so much more worthwhile & enjoyable. I can only thank you again for all your hard work & professionalism in organising this from start to finish. Yes, please, another Sleep Out on Havergate would be brilliant." - Angela P. from Suffolk.

"Epic" - Maisie, 8 years from Suffolk.

"I really liked seeing the nightjars and learning how to make them come to you." - Rafferty, 6 years from Suffolk.

"Thanks Monika !" - Victoria C. from Suffolk.

"Thank you very much for the walk and talk on Saturday evening. As you know we didn't see nightjars that evening but... we went back to the same place on the Monday evening and saw two. We were in place beside your favourite bush by 21.15 and waited for the light to fade. Sure enough, the churring began at 21.40 followed by sightings of the birds flying around the clump of silver birches to the right of the white perch. So all's well that ends well for us. Thank you again for introducing us to this mysterious species." - Dirk and Joanne T. from London.

"We enjoyed Monika's nightjar walk very much. It was well planed and Monika is able to adapt to the differing interests and degree of knowledge of the participants. Although there can be no certainty in locating nightjars (or glow-worms!) Monika's experience and familiarity with the area gives visitors the best opportunity to do so. Heed her advice about footwear, torches and particularly insect repellent and it would be surprising if you did not have a worthwhile evening."  - James W. from Norfolk.

"Many thanks for the enjoyable walk last night. We are pleased that your nightjars are doing well on the heath and the glow-worms are most unusual." - Tina and Doug H. from Essex.

"After last weeks tour with you I think we will definitely sign up for further visits with you. We learnt quite a bit about the heath and its wildlife, things we never knew existed such as the glow-worms, and were pleased to see a nightjar (our first). Now we have been educated about these secretive birds we will definitely be on the look out in future, a fascinating creature. It was a new experience to be out on the heath at night, this is not something we ever thought about doing in the past. You know your subject very well and we would be more than pleased to recommend your tours." - Carole B. from Suffolk.

"Thank you for a lovely evening. It was a great treat to see the nightjar, and has really whetted my appetite to go walking the heath again." - Clare P. from Essex.

"What a wonderful day! What a beautiful place Havergate is! I will admit to feelings of trepidation, not sure what I was letting myself in for........ a whole day as a rookie photographer. What would the tutors be like, could I ask stupid questions, would I be completely out of my depth. I need not have worried one iota. Celia set the day off for me very simply with her very easy style of explanation. I shall be eternally grateful to her for setting me in the right direction with all the easy to understand help she gave me. I feel a lot more comfortable now with my 'inherited' camera. Equally Kevin was there to advise and reiterate and help with the search for the hares. I have as a result some photos I am pleased with. Thanks must of course go to you for arranging the day and all your hard work in the 'domestic department'! I thoroughly enjoyed my day with you all. Thank you. My kindest regards to you, Celia and Kevin" - Mary Collyer from Surrey.

"Thank you so much for a brilliant day. I had a wonderful day on the Island in July despite the slightly rocky crossing. I was told that there would be hares but I was amazed at just how many sightings I had and the nonchalance of the hares allowing us so close to photograph them. I took some excellent photographs and will sort some of the best ones out and send them on to you. I learnt so much about the Island and how to improve my photography from Kevin and Celia - and the sunset was absolutely stunning. Thank you for your hard work and brilliant organisation, the information and the catering were key to the success of the day and yes, the filter coffee and soup were well worth the extra effort." - Gillian H. from Suffolk.

"Thank you ( and your team) so much for a fantastic day yesterday, I enjoyed it so much, may I make a booking for 2016 please." - Ray K. from Bedfordshire.

"Thanks for everything yesterday, I had a fabulous time and thankfully made all the better when the sun finally came out. All of my crawling on the ground in pursuit of the hares seems to have been worthwhile, especially when I crawled over 100m to get some shots just as the sun started to go down. I hope to meet you all again one day soon." - Keven L. from London.

"Very briefly just to say that I thought it was a great day and good value. Simply devoting a day to taking photos, in such an interesting place, with other photographers made it all worthwhile. I will keep an eye out for future trips as things are getting a bit clearer now. Thanks again and hope to meet up on one of your future events." - Roger S. from Suffolk.

"A big THANK YOU to the three of you for making Saturdays event so successful. The expertise of both Kevin & Celia shone out for all to see, and as for Monika your work both in the organisation of the event and in the kitchen was so very much appreciated. Thank you all. Pauline and I will certainly be keeping an eye on future events, please keep us in touch." - Ian & Pauline S. from Norfolk.

"We went on the nightjar walk on the longest day of the year. As well as organising good weather for the fair weather walker in me, Monika proved a relaxed host and guide. My partner and I came on the walk with all the knowledge of seasoned birdwatchers able to distinguish a robin from a bald eagle at 20 paces. The pacing of the informative advice and information given on the walk, and the ability to answer the naive questions from me with unraised eyebrows made this an enjoyable 2-2.5 hours in a beautiful setting. That Monika was able to produce a sighting of a nightjar at rest and in flight as if by magic with a clap of her hands, capped off an evening that Jane and I reflected on for the remainder of our very enjoyable stay in a delightful part of Suffolk (we were staying in Southwold). Always keen to offer constructive criticism I would warn future participants in the nightjar walk that the unrushed pace can lead to you missing last orders. A really interesting evening - thank you Monika." - Mark W. from Staffordshire

"Thank you for a fabulous evening on the nightjar walk, we all thoroughly enjoyed it." - Julia B. from Suffolk.

"Although the weather was so bad the night we visited Snape Warren to see the Nightjars we thoroughly enjoyed the experience and managed to see and hear one, which was magic. It is something we will remember for a long time. Unfortunately we weren't able to take any photographs. You introduced us to an area we didn't know existed even though we are local and we will certainly be revisiting the area again in the near future. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and expertise with us." - Pat and Mervyn J. from Suffolk.

"We really appreciated you offering us the opportunity to come back for a second year to see the nightjars. We were rewarded with a beautiful evening walk, including time to stand and watch a bat hunting round a tree on the heath and then several sightings of nightjars in flight.  Even more memorable was the prolonged churring and wing clapping - a very atmospheric evening.  And a chance to see the first glow-worm of the year on the walk back! We felt very privileged to have such a memorable evening.  Thank you." - Kathy & David from Suffolk.

"Lots of fun, and full of insight. Many thanks! We're not up in Suffolk often (once a year?!) but next time we are we'll keep an eye out for anything going on." - Tom E. from London.

"Thank you for organising the walk at Thorpeness and North Warren, we both really enjoyed it. It is an area we know quite well but nonetheless we learnt several things and had a great time as well. It was well organised and we look forward to exploring more of the region with Wild Adventures under Suffolk's Skies in the future." - Hilary and Trevor H. from Suffolk.

"Thank you for such a marvellous walk on Monday. You created a friendly atmosphere from the start and Dave's knowledge of the WW2 sites was very impressive. I look forward to seeing your future programme." - Bev B.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the walk on Saturday, it was a magical evening. The mix of information about Britten and wildlife worked incredibly well and I could easily see how the area could inspire all creative artists. I could have happily listened to more of Curlew River, using your very ingenious amplifier, as just sitting overlooking the river and seeing and hearing the birds coming to roost was the highlight for me. Many, many thanks to you both and all best wishes," - Val M.

"There were four of us in the group that did the walk and we all thought it was excellent. To bring together two very different topics and to have such experts to guide us was indeed a treat. Again many thanks for a delightful evening!" - Stella S.

"Thanks for an interesting walk and your enthusiasm for wildlife and music - a combination that worked!" - C. N.

"Just to say thank you for a very interesting and inspiring walk. I thought your ideas using the music excerpts and birdsong were very thought provoking, and apt. The walk was done at a comfortable pace, very enjoyable, and well organised. Thanks again, and I hope to join in with some of your future activities. Best wishes for your new enterprise." - Jenny M.

"Thank you very much for the lovely and interesting walk around Thorpeness. I really enjoyed finding out more about its history and development; looking at The House in the Clouds, with the windmill on one side and swifts flying overhead was a real treat. Thanks again for all your research and preparation for the walk." - J. P.

"I really enjoyed the Thorpeness walk – it was a good circular walk with enough information to inform, but not overwhelm me, and it offered ‘tucked away’ details that I’d not have found on my own! I liked the contrast too between the old, and the new – the village had much more to offer than I originally thought. I also appreciated the walk lasting for the advertised duration of 2 hours. So, ‘Well Done’!" - C. D. from Suffolk

"Thank you for a very enjoyable and informative walk this morning, although we have visited Thorpeness many times, we had no idea of the history of the development of this wonderful place." - Colin & Wendy.

"Thank you again for the wonderful evening walk. It is amongst the very best things I have done this year, and I look forward to going back there. It was a very memorable evening, and it was marvellous to have been so close to the singer or churrer!" - Jude L. from Suffolk.

"Angie and I would like to thank you very much for the 2 wonderful walks (Curlew River and Nightjars). We both loved the walks and all the wonderful information you imparted. We particularly enjoyed the Nightjars walk - neither of us had ever heard Nightjars before and we were absolutely 'bowled over' when we actually heard them, and so close to us. It made our evening and as you so rightly said seeing the Barn Owl as well was a wonderful bonus. We have been back to Snape Warren since and walked down to the river's edge at the point of the peninsula on a wonderfully sunny day with just enough breeze to keep us cool - magical. Thank you once again." - Jenny J. and Angie B. from Suffolk.

"I really enjoyed the excellent Nightjar walk; as you said, the Barn Owl was an extra treat. I found the 'churring' of the Nightjar at such close quarters quite wonderful, especially as I'd not heard one before." - Nicki H. from Suffolk.

"Thanks for the walk. I loved it!" - Clare S.

"Thank you for a great evening on the heath - we really enjoyed it, and it gave us the confidence to go out on our own and hear another nightjar (possibly two) churring and flapping wings on Blaxhall Common. It makes for a magical evening, and no doubt we shall be doing it again soon!" - Steve & Dil B.

"Gill and I have sorted through our hare images - we are absolutely delighted by them. Thank-you for organising the trip and for your hard work on the day. We are sure that everyone enjoyed it; it was very noticeable that a team spirit built up very quickly. Please also convey our thanks to Kevin and Jeremy who did so much to help everyone to get the best out of the experience. We will certainly be trying to enroll next year, perhaps for a trip when the leverets have arrived and the weather is not so cold." - Ron & Gill P. from Oxford.

"A huge thank you for such a super, well-organised day. I had a fantastic time, despite the weather. The luxury of filter coffee provided the very unexpected and hugely welcome 'icing on the cake'. It was delicious (as well as warming). Kevin's and Jeremy's advice was very welcome. They have a lovely style, which guides rather than dictates. Kevin's generous advice about other places to go also paid off big time. He suggested where we might see short-eared owls around dawn. We went at the other end of the day and not only saw the short-eared owls but, as a bonus, a barn owl flew past us as we were on our way back to the car. We visited a couple of times more and saw hares in the field too." - Liz C. from Surrey.

"Thank you for a fantastic day, I shall certainly be looking to attend a future day on the island, as will my wife Claire." - Rob B. from Essex.

"Just a quick email to thank you very much for the Havergate Photography Day yesterday. It was informative and gave me a good opportunity to meet like minded people and practise photography skills in the local area. Thank you too, for providing hot drinks and soup, which was most welcome on a cold day on the island! Please also pass on my thanks to Kevin and Jeremy for their assistance during the day, which was very helpful and appreciated. Thanks again," - Jackie K. from Suffolk.

"Yes we enjoyed the day despite the cold! Thanks again," - Peter & Linda W. from Hertfordshire.

"Dear Monika, of course I also enjoyed my time on Havergate and it was nice to meet you again. You have done your best to make it work, thank you. And it was an informative day too because you meet all kinds of people who share the same passion. (Who gets up in the middle of the night to photograph a hare?) They all have personal ideas and opinions on photography. And Kevin is a special person who taught me a few useful things. The thing with photography is that you never stop learning as there are so many subjects to choose from: butterflies, mammals, reptiles, flowers, landscapes etc." - Hubert Veldhuijzen (www.kina.nl/fotograaf/huub-veldhuijzen) from The Netherlands.

"Thanks for organising a great day despite the hypothermia!" - Frances B. from Suffolk.

"Just to say a big thank you for looking after us all so well on Saturday. It was a terrific day, despite the weather, and I have now thawed out nicely." - Laraine G. from Suffolk.

"Had a wonderful day even the windy cold weather did not stop us. The day itself was superb, from the hot drinks and soup that was available I was amazed how well you managed with what you had available. The tutors were excellent, I personally was impressed with Kevin the wildlife tutor, only because he was the one I had more involvement with. I especially liked the way he made sure everyone got some hare images. I would like to visit Havergate again in the future but I think I will wait until we know there are more hares on the Island. We were hoping to get images of boxing hares, but it didn't appear there were that many hares, I think we saw about 3 or 4 different ones, even though I believe there are about 10/12. Thanks for organizing a wonderful day, hope to see you again." - Margaret T. from South Staffordshire.

"I wanted to say thanks for a wonderful experience - even though it was cold and wet and we were very bedraggled by the end of the day (a bit like the hares!) we had a really good time. Kevin and Jeremy were extremely friendly and approachable and full of good advice, tips and intel on good wildlife watching spots (thanks to Kevin we had some great sightings of the Orford short-eared owls). I thought you were super organised and looked after us really well, the hot chocolate was especially welcome! Overall it was a great experience." - Rachel L. from Surrey.

"Enjoyed the day very much despite the poor weather and thought that the group was a good mix. Many thanks," - Peter N. from Suffolk.